Safety Orientation Course (Tunnelling)

Participants will be able to recognize the common safety and health hazards. Thereby, take precautions to avoid injuries and diseases in the tunnels.



  • Identify legal obligations in workplace safety and health
  • Understand general safety in tunnelling works
  • Identify hazards in a tunnelling site
  • Identify basic tunnelling equipment’s and machinery know the dangers and precautionary measures associated with confine space operations
  • Practice safety precautions and response when working with different tunnelling hazards, including hot work and fire emergencies
  • Aware about the hazard and precaution to take while working in a compressed air environment
  • Understand safe work procedure related to tunnelling work
  • Understand and recognize all tunnelling safety signs
  • Competent in wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Who to Attend: Mandatory for ALL workers who are required to work in tunnels.

Medium: English.

Legal Requirement: Under the Factories (Safety Training Courses) Order 2001 which came into effect in June 2001, all workers, including Singaporeans must undergo a Safety Orientation Course (Tunnelling) for workers before they are allowed to work in tunnels.

Pre-Requisite: Successfully completed Construction Safety Orientation Course for Workers (General Trade)

Assessment: MCQ

Attendance: 100%

Certification: Upon Successful completion of the course August International Pte Ltd card will be rewarded.

Course Duration:

4 hrs, inclusive assessment 0.25 hrs

Payment Mode:


Trainer/Trainee Ratio


Price $40