Perform Metal Scaffold Erection (Formerly known as Metal Scaffold Erection Course)

Provide participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills required in proper and safe procedures of erecting and dismantling of Metal Scaffolds used in construction industry.



  • List the types of commonly used metal scaffold based on the characteristic and classification
  • Define the terminologies used and components and materials used for metal scaffold structures
  • State the requirements for ties and braces
  • Distinguish between static and mobile tower scaffold and requirement
  • State the requirements for tower scaffold use on sites
  • Perform safe work procedures, general principles and requirements in the erection and dismantling of modular scaffold, tower scaffold, tubular independent tied scaffold and frame scaffold, in line with WSH (Scaffold) Regulations and CP14
  • State the rules and regulations to ensure safety in erecting and dismantling of modular scaffold working safely at height


Who to Attend: Workers who are required to erect and dismantle the metal scaffolds

Medium: English.

Legal Requirement: Under WSH (scaffold) regulations: “Every scaffold exceeding in 4 meters shall be erected, installed, re-positioned, altered or dismantled by a scaffold erector who has undergone a course of training approved by the Commissioner”. This course of training is “Metal Scaffold Erection Course”.

Pre-Requisite: (a) Above 18 years of age (b) Physically fit (c) Comprehend Basic English

Assessment: written and practical.

Attendance: 100%

Certification: Upon completion of the course August International Pte Ltd card and certificate will be rewarded.

SDF Funding Available: Up to 90%, Subject to WDA terms and conditions

Course Duration:

38hrs, inclusive assessment

Payment Mode:


Trainer/Trainee Ratio

Theory Lesson 1:18 Practical lesson 1: 12 Theory Assessment 1: 18 Practical Assessment 1: 12

Class Size

  • 1:18

Price $350