Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Construction Sites (Formerly known as CSOC)

Participants will be able to recognize the common safety hazards at construction site, know the preventive measures to be adopted, confident in working at height and be aware on the importance of observing safety signs and safe work procedures including their rights and responsibilities.

Content: CSOC

  • Identify legal obligations in workplace safety and health
  • Identify hazards in a construction site
  • Understand the Permit-to-Work system
  • Practice safety precautions when working with different hazards
  • Competent in wearing Personal Protective equipment (PPE)
  • Understand and respond to all industrial safety signs
  • Working safely at height
  • Knowing the dangers and precautionary measures associated with confined space operations
  • Knowing the rights and responsibilities of workers working in Singapore


Who to Attend: Mandatory for ALL workers in construction site and  be medically fit &18 years above.

Medium: English, Chinese, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, Malay, Thai, Burmese

Legal Requirement: All new workers in construction field are required to take the CSOC within 14 days of their arrival in Singapore before their work permits can be issued, and pass the CSOC test within three months.

Pre-Requisite: Able to understand and communicate in language of instruction

Course Duration: 18 hours, inclusive assessment

Assessment: MCQ and practical.

Attendance: 100%

Certification: Upon Successful completion of the course August International Pte Ltd card will be rewarded.

SDF Funding Available: Up to 90%, Subject to WDA terms and conditions

Course Duration:

18 hours

  • Facilitated learning – 16 hours
  • Assessment – 2 hours
    • Theory – 1 hour
    • Practical – 1 hours

Payment Mode:


Trainer/Trainee Ratio

1:20 (theory), 1:5 (practical)

Price $118