Occupational First Aid Course

Participants will have the relevant knowledge and application skills in demonstrating first aid/CPR skills to apply them in their workplace.



  • Explain the duties and responsibilities of First Aider  
  • List the legal requirements under Workplace Safety and Health (First Aid) Regulations
  • Check and pack contents of First Aid Box 
  • Apply first aid to accident victims in the workplace 
  • Manage a medical emergency at the workplace 
  • Manage victims of hazardous chemicals exposure 
  • Identify common workplace accidents requiring first aid treatment


Who to Attend:(a) Any individuals with interest in first aid (b) Assigned a WSH-related role in the company(c) Must be physically fit and able to render help to another individual during an emergency

SDU Points: -

Legal Requirement Workplace Safety and Health (First Aid) Regulations stipulates that “every person appointed as a first-aider shall (a) have successfully completed a training course acceptable to the Commissioner; and (b) undergo such subsequent retraining in first-aid treatment as the Commissioner may require”.

Pre-requisite: (a) Must be physically fit and able to render help to another individual during an emergency ((b)ESS Workplace literacy and numeracy Level 5 and above

Assessment: Written, Practical (Bandaging & CPR+AED), Oral.

Attendance:75% attendance for entire course, and 100% attendance for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation + Automated External Defibrillator (CPR + AED) training

Certification: Upon completion of the course and passing the examination / assessment, August International Pte Ltd card will be rewarded to the personal.

SDF Funding Available: Up to 80%, Subject to WDA terms and conditions

SkillsFuture Credit (SFC)

*All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses.

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Skill Development Fund (SDF)

Occupational First Aid Course All Other Participants Singaporeans/PRs
(aged 21 and above) 50% of course fee
Skillsfuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (Singaporeans aged 40 and above 70% of the course fee)
Full Course Fee (exclusive GST) $300.93 $300.93 $300.93
8% GST on nett course fee $24.07 $24.07 $24.07
Less: Additional funding if eligible under various schemes 0 $150.47 $210.65
Total nett course fee payable, including GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes $325.00 $174.54 $114.35

*Note: This is a tentative calculation. Amount may vary after SSG Funding Approval


Course Duration:

Total: 23.5 hrs, inclusive assessment 2hr 40min.

Payment Mode:


Trainer/Trainee Ratio

Lecture 1:18 Practice on manikin 1:6

Class Size

  • 1:18

Price $300.93